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How to teach yourself web development

How to teach yourself web development

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Today I will share with you 5 things that I picked up from learning web development for almost 4 years. I was using WordPress almost for the past 6 years. I didn't take it seriously until about 4 years ago I was convinced that the best way to go about learning it is to take a project-based approach.

It keeps it more interesting especially if you making a website for a friend to help him out or maybe a charity in your community.  

For the sake of learning it is to decide on a project preferably something that involves a passion of yours, something that you genuinely interested in. I don't know it could be a dating website,  maybe you love coffee so it could be a website for a coffee shop. I say dating website because it's going to involve a database or it's going to be involve something that you don't know how to solve you might not even know what you actually need in order to solve it. You might not know which function you need which plugin you need and then you go up on the journey of hitting the forums and asking for help and that's how you become actually a good Google searcher.

How to use Google

That's part of being a developer is knowing how to use Google to your advantage. How to present a question on a forum and that way that's going to get more responses, more feedback. The great thing about it is that when you are involved in solving a problem? The important things are the confidence you that you gain from that.

Find one instructor

The second tip is if you can it can be difficult but try and find an instructor when you look at video tutorials and platforms try and find an instructor that you're resonate with someone who you can imagine hanging out with and chilling out and if you're not resume Voice I find some instructors are a little bit. A little bit too polished. Spend time on YouTube videos can be a lot better because the instructors on there tend to be a little bit more laid back. So I actually use at the moment a combination of Team Treehouse and YouTube videos and even blog posts.

Know your learning style

The third tip which is to know your learning style I find it helps to not only learn from video tutorials but also use books. You read what you want to read. You can easily jump and can take it into the garden when you feel like I need to get away from the laptop so it does come in handy and the great thing about books is that you can take it everywhere.
You can take it to the toilet if you are going to somewhere you can read it in train and that's the great thing about the book. but a lot of the times it helps to have the pdf version because you're going to have challenges they have like cold challenges you need to type that in to the laptop and it can be a bit of a hassle trying to keep the book open The 4 is you going to do it daily business is no good doing it one day 2 days 3 days in a row and then not doing it until next week it's no good because when you come back to it you waste a lot of time for figuring out where you were up to something happens in the brain when you learn in a craft daily you experience what's known as The Compound Effect I'm telling you magical things will happen when you do it daily you begin to not be so much focused on the end result. Dream job Feeling of progressing feeling competent at what you learn in you find a real death and a sensitivity comes with learning daily and that goes for learning anything in life number 5 is be patient when I started out I remember Wax developer and I sat down with Photoshop open and I was so frustrated I wanted to make these great websites but I didn't know how they didn't have the skills and it is frustrating and you feel like you're behind and everyone's ahead of me in slow down take your time just do what you got to do which is to learn step by step you can only take the next step. See in front of you you take that step then the next stepping stone it will present itself trust me it will be there for you go to take the step by using front of you now that's why you got to do just trust the next step will present itself Level all the way to professional from HTML CSS and then on to JavaScript if you won or python, PHP Actually build an iPhone app with the help of teamtreehouse I'm currently doing that.

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