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How to increase your new blog web traffic?

Actually one of the way by which I become successful to increase my blog traffic, is because of SEONICK tool. You need to spend little amount of money for that, but this will give you high ranking on search engine. I am sharing with you guys the detail information, how it work from one useful post of their blog. Please read that and I hope this will help you too.  
There is one tool, that I found and want to share with you guys by who will give you a simple SEO strategy. Through their case study in 9 months the site reached to 100, 000 unique visitors. They create a new site, in Japanese, and still they got tremendous success. 
You can find the graph of their website  as given , the visitors overviews, which is quite interesting.
If you click on the link in references,  the got 2, 000 unique visitor in one month, with no promotion and advertising.
After nine month they reached to 100,000 visitors with no sign of slowing down what they says in their post.
You can get free SEO quote for your website with link Get a free SEO quote for your website , When you click on this link you will see a form look like that

SEO Consulting Services that get results form
Register and pay little amount of money, and after you will have statistics for your site like that shown in the picture.
40 000 visits
We got some press.

100 000 visitors

At the end of July 2012
chart given bellow

In this first 12 days they have 17,000 unique visitors, full month visitors was 50,0000 as shown in the chart given bellow

I it was continuously growing as shown in the chart

At the end of third month they were receiving 100,000 unique visitors, and over 200,000 visits. 
I actually recommend this but if you can spent money, and the man thing is that is to visit to their website, register and see as this is true or not??
Last but not least this will be good for Google Absence, yes if they use SEO and target unique visitors.
Still this will required your strong constant to keep the visitor busy in your site or blog  
I will appreciate if you share your ideas about that, in the comments section, and if you have any good information regarding this please let me know, and share with other bloggers.




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