Saturday, October 15, 2016

How to connect your's Blog to Google Analytic

Google Analytic 

Google Analytic shows you the picture of your viewers, like what kind of viewers you have. From which places they are and what they think about your's bogs or website, I means what they feel.

Know your audience

Through Google Analytic you might easily know about your blog or website audience needs, like what they want to see in your blog or website. In more detail, it is like a kind of connection with you and your  audience.

Devices use to access you bog or website

Through Google Analytic you can easily know about that who is accessing my blog or website and through which kind of device, this will be help you to make your website or blog according to that.

How to you can create a Google Analytic for you site

It is a three steps very easy process. i.e. to sing up for Google Analytic, get your tracking scripts or ID and access your audience.
Please watch the following video tutorial, which will help you to deal with these three steps.
If you want to watch this video on YouTube please click on following link.


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