Saturday, October 1, 2016

How to use GitHub - Basic understanding

What GIT dose?

GIT is a very handy tool for any web developer. If you work on big project some time it is very very difficult to keep track of you code, in such case Git help. Git can be valuable for a single developer but more valuable for a team of developers. It allows a team who is working where i.e. I mean who wrote which code.

How to install Git?

I order to install Git first you need to download its exe file. Click here to download the exe file.
If you git segmentation fault 11 error then you need to uninstall the installed version and reinstall the correct version according to you operating system. Click on this link to find other version.
I had the issue when I installed on my IMAC then I found the following solution to fix the issue.

Uninstalling Git latest version (2.2.0) and reinstalling Git version worked for me. Here is the download link for git
It says snow-leopard but actually works for Lion here is the page with all git-osx-installer

How to configure Git?

I order to configure Git you need to open the terminal and type the following commands.

git config --global "your user name" 
press enter
git config --global your email address
Note: do not add "" when you enter your email address



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