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Google Digital Unlocked certification exam question answer 2019

Google Digital Unlocked certification exam questions answer 2019

Certification exam

You've aced every tutorial in the Digital Unlocked. Ready to graduate? Take the final exam to earn your certificate.

Take a business online

Question 1

What's the biggest challenge for most businesses when going online?
·         A - Planning a budget
·         B - Developing a plan
·         C - Optimising a website
·         D - Defining a customer base

Question 2

When planning your website, what is one of the key things you should consider?
·         AThe order your products will appear on the site
·         B - What you want your customers to do on the site
·         C - How customers will interact with the site
·         D - What your customers want to see on the site

Question 3

Website hosting servers have their own unique IP address, what does this address consist of?
·         A - Numbers and letters
·         B - Numbers
·         C - Letters
·         D - Letters and symbols

Question 4

When defining a strategy for your business, how can competitor analysis help you establish a USP (or Unique Selling Point)?
·         A - It can enable you to offer discounts that compete directly with your competitors' pricing
·         B - It can identify how your offering is different in comparison to your competitors
·         C - It can give you deeper insight into the market and their approach
·         D - It can reveal which additional regions you could be operating in so that you can grow your business

Question 5

When designing content as part of your content marketing strategy, what does the "Think" stage represent in the "See, Think, Do, Care" framework?
·         A - The consideration phase, when customers start to research potential products to buy
·         B - The finance stage, when customers think about their budgets
·         C- The action stage, the moment when customers commit and purchase your product
·         D - The sharing stage, when customers share images and feedback on your products

Make it easy for people to find a business on the web

Question 6

Search engines see the content on a website as written code, how can you help search engines identify the images on your website?
·         A - Place them well within your text
·         B - Make them eye-catching
·         C - Put branding on them
·         D - Give them descriptive names

Question 7

Fill the blank: 'Search engines _________ the internet to discover content.'
·         A - index
·         B - crawl
·         C - investigate
·         D - rank

Question 8

To improve your website's SEO performance, when should you consider updating your SEO plan?
·         A - When you write a new blog post
·         B - When you have a sale or promotion
·         C - When you add a new service or product
·         D - When you employ new staff

Question 9

A lot of factors can affect how well a website will rank on search engines. What role does metadata have in this process?
·         A - Helps your website stand out from the competition
·         B - Allows you to input lots of keywords so that you appear for all of them
·         C - Provides search engines with more consistent and clear information about what's on the website
·         D - Allows you to place sales promotion offers within the search results

Question 10

Gaining backlinks to your website is a great way to improve the SEO performance. What best practice will encourage people to link back to your site?
·         A - Pay people to link back to your site
·         B - Write some great content they will find useful
·         C - Ensure your staff link back to your site
·         D -Link to them first, regardless of whether they have anything interesting on their site

Question 11

Which of the following is a benefit of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?
·         A - Reach out to potential customers actively looking for your product or service
·         B - Create different types of ad formats to show to potential customers
·         C - Target people based on their interests and habits
·         D - SEM is a lot cheaper than any other advertising medium

Question 12

Which of the following will be achieved by including an offer in a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) ad?
·         A - It will help the ad stand out and encourage people to click it
·         B - It will guarantee the ad appears at the top of the search results
·         C - It will increase the amount of users across your entire website
·         D - It can increase the quality score of your ad

Question 13

When running a search engine marketing campaign, what goal do you expect to achieve by having conversion tracking on your site?
·         A - To see personal data about the person who bought from you
·         B - To understand what is working and what is not
·         C - To increase your budget to get more traffic
·         D - To advertise internationally more easily

Question 14

Which search query would trigger an ad based on this keyword: [London portrait photographer]?
·         A - Portrait photographer London
·         B - London photographer
·         C - London portrait photographer
·         D -Photographers in London

Reach more people locally, on social media or on mobile

Question 15

When looking to get noticed locally online, what information should you ensure is on your website as a minimum?
·         A - Your social media links
·         B - An interactive map
·         C - Your physical location details
·         D - Business registration number

Question 16

When looking to promote your products and services locally, what are the benefits of using search engine ads?
·         A - Everyone uses search engines
·         B - You can target ads to a specific geographic area
·         C - You can target ads to specific genders
·         D - Search ads are cheaper than display adverts

Question 17

Which of the following would be described as a good business goal to set for your social media campaigns?
·         A - Increase staff morale
·         B - Increase audience engagement
·         C - Increase customer satisfaction
·         D - Increase overall profit

Question 18

When looking to promote a business on social media, what is a good way to grow your social media following or engagement quickly?
·         A - Paid advertising
·         B - Pay for followers
·         C - Follow all of your competitors' followers
·         D - Overuse hashtags

Question 19

When building a website for a business, what type of design should it have in order to be "mobile friendly"?
·         A - A scaled design
·         B - A visual design
·         C - A responsive design
·         D - An integrated design

Question 20

Mobile advertising is a great tool for marketers, but all that good work could be undone if your website isn't what?
·         A - Optimised for different devices
·         B - Visually engaging
·         C - Full of relevant information
·         D - Text heavy

Question 21

Which of the following tools could be used to gain an insight into the phrases and questions people search for about a given subject online?
·         A - Answer The Public
·         B - Google Ads Editor
·         C - Facebook business manager
·         D - SEM Rush

Reach more customers with advertising

Question 22

When looking at your email marketing metrics, Click Through Rate (or CTR) highlights which of the following insights?
·         A - % of people that made a purchase after receiving the email
·         B - % of people that opened the email out of the total recipients
·         C - % of people who clicked on a link in the email out of the total recipients
·         D - % of people who were sent the email against the total number of conversions made

Question 23

Which of the following is a benefit of display advertising over search advertising?
·         A - Display advertising is cheaper than search advertising
·         B - Appearing on relevant websites offering advertising space
·         C - Ads can appear at the top of search engine results pages
·         D - Display ads are more likely to be clicked on

Question 24

When advertisers run online ads that typically include an image for people to click on, it's called...
·         A - Search Engine Optimisation
·         B - Banner advertising
·         C - Display advertising
·         D - Webpage advertising

Question 25

When discussing display advertising, what is an ad network?
·         A - A way to get free traffic to your site
·         B - A directory of lots of websites that sell the same products as you do
·         C - An online store of images you can use within your content
·         D - A platform allowing the advertiser to advertise on websites within the network

Question 26

How can your business benefit from video without making one yourself?
·         A - Advertising on other people's videos
·         B - Commenting on other people's videos
·         C - Sharing other people's videos
·         D - Interacting with other people's videos

Question 27

When creating video marketing content on a budget, what is the first thing you should consider doing?
·         A - Shooting as much as you can and culling it later
·         B - Finding editing software
·         C - Finding equipment to use
·         D - Planning your content

Track and measure web traffic

Question 28

In the world of analytics, the time the user spent on your site is considered which type of data?
·         A - Conversion
·         B - Clocking
·         C - Metric
·         D - Dimension

Question 29

When using analytics programmes on your website, which of these do not fall under the category of a dimension?
·         A - The device users access the site with
·         B - The time a user spends on the site
·         C - The browser a user uses to visit the site
·         D - The geographical location of the user

Question 30

When it comes to web analytics, what insights can you gather using analytics tools?
·         A - What websites users visit after leaving your website
·         B - How you currently rank in search engines
·         C - How people interact with your website
·         D - How people interact with your competitors' websites

Question 31

Fill the blank: When you link Google Ads with Google Analytics you are able to understand which ________ are driving performance.
·         A - organic keywords
·         B - social media ads
·         C - paid keywords
·         D - directories

Question 32

When creating a presentation based on lots of data, what principle should you bear in mind?
·         A - Show all the information available, to give your audience as much context as possible
·         B -Tailor your approach to your audience in order to tell a better story
·         C - Stick to visual graphics only, as everyone will prefer this presentation format over tables and text
·         D - Present all information in the same way because everyone interprets things similarly

Question 33

What is the benefit of using digital data?
·         A - It can help you make informed decisions and improve online performance
·         B - Digital data is always 100% accurate
·         C - Digital data allows you to save money on offline analytics
·         D - Using digital data allows you to automatically reach more customers

Sell products or services online

Question 34

When looking to introduce e-commerce functions to your website, which of the following would be the best first step?
·         A - Build an online store with an integrated payment system
·         B - Set up a web-based money transfer software like PayPal
·         C - Invest in a new website platform
·         D- Use other platforms such as eBay or Etsy

Question 35

When building your online product store, to make it as effective as possible you should look to optimise the performance by using images in what kind of way?
·         A - Use images direct from the internet to ensure accurate file size
·         B - Use images direct from the original manufacturer
·         C - Ensure images are of a high quality
·         D - Use detailed descriptions instead of images to help search engines

Question 36

Fill in the blank: When you are considering the layout of the product pages, it is important to put them in ________ order?
·         A - price
·         B - hierarchical
·         C - a constantly changing
·         D - alphabetical

Question 37

Analytics can help optimise your website for which of the following?
·         A - For different devices, navigation & search
·         B - For different devices & social media profiles
·         C - For email templates & social media profiles
·         D - For navigation, search & video campaigns

Take a business global

Question 38

When looking to expand your business internationally on social media, what should you do first?
·         A - Treat all social media channels the same
·         B- Use popular phrases and memes for that area
·         C - Analyse platforms popular in that area
·         D - Not advertise at all, as other countries don't like social advertising

Question 39

Fill the blanks: When advertising internationally, you should make your business ______ to the new market, consider the ___________ and any possible ___________ implications.
·         A - accessible | supply chain | legal
·         B - affordable | supply chain | language
·         C - exciting | customers needs | currency
·         D - affordable | customer needs | legal

Question 40

Fill in the blank: When considering expanding a business internationally, the best place to start is to__________?
·         A - use online tools to help you understand where there’s a strong demand for your products
·         B - move the whole business to that country
·         C - replicate your current business in as many countries as possible
·         D - buy new domains for the country



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